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Back in the day we used to hear a lot of parental talk about how we were just paying for a name or label. They didn’t get it. And a lot of people won’t get why the adidas by Raf Simons Stan Smith is any different to the excellent reengineered Stans that are on the market right now. It’s a testament to Simons’ genius that his look can fit with the divisive madness of the other RS adidas creations as well as the spartan looks of a Stan. In this case, both the brand and collaborator are perfectly pitched and this silhouette is perfect. High-end brands have been eating off of this shoe for years and its appearance at fashion weeks worldwide indicated this at had gone back to the source — resisting the urge to put Raf Simons’ mug on the tongue (though we’re sure he got a personalised pair late last year), an emboss and flip on the familiar strips of perforation seem to play on the frequent fakery when it comes to the adidas Stan Smith. The leather’s outstanding, but seeing as these cost more than 200 quid, you’d expect the quality to be great. Many are going to feel a way about the lack of bells and whistles, but if you’ve got money in the bank for a fashion shoe and hurl it at some godawful hi top with mediocre build over these, you’ve made a grave mistake. By playing it very safe indeed these are one of the best designer partner projects out there. These arrive in the store at some point in the next couple of days