In this issue we take a dive into a purely European culture, from the hilly highlands of Scotland to the self proclaimed nation of engineering and innovation, Germany.

Plus top Fashion, Music and Editorial content featuring the latest release from eyewear designers “Quay” and a preview into the most recent single from UK indie artist Isaac Gracie.

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Red Tattoo

From the fiery volcanoes of Hawaii to to rolling hills and mountain tops of New Zealand.

Plus Top Fashion and Music content featuring the masters of exploration and style “North Face” and a sneak peak into one of the biggest break through bands of the summer “King Nun”.

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yellow classic car

Todays Issue will take you on an epic journey, from the sun kissed beaches of Los Angeles, California all the way across the Atlantic to experience the European culture of Italy.

Plus Top Music and Fashion content including an insight into the hottest new female singing sensation from Norway.

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wave surfing

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Mr. Style is here to give you your daily dose of inspiration. From fashion, music, lifestyle and travel, we’ll be focusing on it all. Ever wondered who you could be following on instagram? Need to know the next best place to eat? Well, Mr. Style will show you. For all you fashion followers and creatives alike, Mr. Style will be your daily update.

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