At the end of last year, we reached out to an array of designers and product line managers and store owners responsible for some of our favourite releases for a Q&A. Some blanked us but plenty of folks replied. A lion’s share of the most interesting new silhouettes came from Nike Basketball who are on a roll at the moment, and as All-Star Weekend approaches, we’ve just upped a lengthy interview with Nike Basketball Senior Product Line Manager Charles Williams who kindly took the time…Continue Reading “A Q&A with Nike Basketball’s Charles Williams”

Sportswear Area 72

The Nike Area 72 pack isn’t for all tastes (yo, if you can pull off the Barkley Posites, we salute you), but having had the shoes in the office for the last couple of days, we think the level of insane detailing from the NSW design and colourway team deserves a closer inspection. Nuance doesn’t exist in this dojo, but the transparent panel on the heel of the Vandal, the Galaxy patterned laces, the logo treatments and the commitment to going HAM with the speckles…Continue Reading “Nike Sportswear Area 72 collection”

New balance

Yeah, we know that we’re getting mad Nike and New Balance-centric right now. We wanted to talk up the adidas Originals 84-Lab pieces today, but we weren’t sure if there was some retailer embargo on talking them up, so we didn’t. When in doubt, we talk up New Balances, because we’re hipster douches who are riding the Made in the U.S.A. wave right now. We think the NB M1300 is beyond criticism — it’s the ideal running silhouette and it looks good with anything. We…Continue Reading “New Balance M1300s are still reassuringly expensive”

Solebox & Saucony

Hikmet from Berlin’s Solebox empire goes back a long, long way with us at Crooked and he puts out a lot of collaborations. A lot of those dual-label projects are very, very good. In the time it took for you to read that opening, he has formulated another five projects. With Saucony, there’s been a Jazz, Solebox Shadow 90, a few homages to the “dipped” colour of Solebox NB collabs from close to a decade ago (we’re feeling old right now) and the ‘Three Brothers’…Continue Reading “Solebox & Saucony unites Berlin & Boston”


People have very strong opinions on this Nike shoe because it’s a true classic. In the UK, this model was a quintessential pinroll rudeboy icon and that legacy remains to the present day. If you watched this week’s onslaught of #crookedtongues Instagram and Twitter shots, you’ll be aware that a lot of people have got some serious stashes of this model. The Nike Air Huarache was a shoe that came from nowhere in those pre-blog days when you got what you were given and didn’t…Continue Reading “The Nike Air Huarache is back again”

Cork LeBron Hype

he Nike Sportswear LeBron X EXT has got computers ‘putin and beasts hyping. Sometimes we can’t fathom the level of mania a shoe can incite — after last week’s Area 72 madness, the Nike Sportswear approach to basketball is back to cause mass hysteria. What’s doubly baffling is how long these shoes have taken to materialize — we first clocked them in October last year and now they’re here. When you buy a performance shoe, there’s some serious wear testing to prevent them crumbling on…Continue Reading “Cork Nike LeBron hype is officially here”

Lab Retrograde Resistance

Now we’ve finally stopped crying at being snubbed on the promo adidas Boosts, we can cease the sulk and feature some quality adidas Originals in this section. Kazuki Kuraishi is that dude when it comes to collaborating with adidas. There’s a lot of collaborations at the moment, but we can smell it when a partner isn’t feeling the brand they’re working with. There’s often a look in a musician or artist’s eyes that screams, “I’d rather be wearing Jordans”, betraying the apparel they’re sporting, but…Continue Reading “adidas Originals & Kazuki’s 84-Lab Retrograde Resistance”


The adidas Campus is one of those shoes that should unify all walks of life. King Ad Rock wore them. So did Eazy-E. We couldn’t care less what your brand allegiances are — if you don’t mess with this model, your opinion is null. You know nothing. Anybody can pull off this classic and it has b-boy and skate credentials for eons. It is a shoe that, like the Chuck, Bruin, Suede or the Authentic, is innately cool. You can’t be trusted if you don’t…Continue Reading “Non-suede adidas Campus 80s are still pretty good”


These are strange days. We put up a picture of these Le Coq Sportifs on our Instagram and somebody commented that they were “ugly.” Then we looked at their feed and there was a shot of them gloating with some Barkley Posites, followed by a load of #hashtags. Cue the ‘Different Strokes’ theme song. We like the Le Coq Sportif Eclat a great deal – we’ve seen people call them out for looking like adi ZX models for some baffling reason, despite the different shape…Continue Reading “The Eclat: a French running classic in Technicolour”


The adidas Consortium line has become more of a freeform concept in the last year or so, with a concept led pack here, a faithful reissue there and a scattering of collaborations along the way too. We’re glad that’s the case too, because a reliance on partner pieces helps no one and the Consortium design team having their own set of skills and product knowledge that’s showcased on shoes like this. Remember back in 2007 when this line launched a load of poker themed shoes…Continue Reading “adidas Consortium gets wild with the Water Colours”