Nike’s Hiroshi, Tinker and Mark helmed HTM think tank stopped with retro shoes a while back. The HTM2 collection from 2010 with the Nike Run Boot hinted at things heading in a different direction, but let’s be honest here — we weren’t ready for what they brought with Nike Flyknit. Performance hype? That was something knew. The downside with the HTM Racers and Lunar releases is that they weren’t the usual limited editions of 10,000+ – they were genuinely in the hundreds, so they were…Continue Reading “Nike breaks out some HTM Flyknit hype to celebrate Milan Design Week.”


Nike Presto is one of the greatest Nike innovations ever. We loved how this avant-garde technology was made accessible to high street consumers as well as the shoe dude crowd after its debut in 2000 and its place in the early days of NIKEiD (with the exclusive patterning – which is something that they should have done for the Roshe too). This is a shoe that helped bring about the flex emphasis that Nike amplified for the Nike Free system and it’s the logical continuation…Continue Reading “Nike Lunar Prestos remake an early 2000s classic.”


The Air Jordan I should be a sacred shoe. Crooked Tongues was pretty much built on an enviable stash of 1985/86 OGs, made from that invincible leather that you could wear to death while your friend’s early 1990s PU soled eBay come up crumbled beneath them. It’s not a shoe we ever wanted to see get the Dunk treatment, but in the late 00s, it seemed to go that way in a blitz of doublepacks, Phat versions and crushing Lows with a scattering of triumphant…Continue Reading “Air Jordan I Lakers & Pistons “Rivalry pack”: Enemies get Mids”


It’s the World Cup in Rio next year so you’d better get used to football-themed footwear from now until then. Bizarrely, the simplicity of the Nike Roshe Run has become an early part of that rollout as the Nike Roshe Run FB. We don’t know why this model has been picked, but we’re guessing that it’s down to the shoe being a hype successor to the AM1-mania (though the Air Max 1 has an FB variation too that’s coming to the store soon). While that…Continue Reading “Nike Roshe Run FB: Ball games & zen”

New Balance

The M996 is another jewel in the New Balance heritage line. It’s a flawless, pioneering, premium runner with a perfect pedigree and, unlike most other shoes from 1987, the retro does it justice, meaning you don’t have to suffer shoe envy when you see unwearable, crumbling OGs on display. It’s as if this shoe never went away. As we wait for the US-made (no M998 sole on an M997 upper 997.5 type antics) M997 to arrive next year, we’re loving the attention that has been…Continue Reading “New Balance M996s in green & blue are better than all hype shoes combined!”

Red New Balance

After yesterday’s hyperventilating love letter to the New Balance M996 in that beautiful U.S-made form, we’ll stay on topic. If 1982’s dazzlingly expensive debut of the M990 had runners reeling but ultimately drooling like Homer Simpson at Ned Flanders’ Assassin joints, the late 1984 ads announcing the M1300 took it to the next pricepoint plateau. You think the LeBron 9 Elite RRP was hard to swallow? Try $140 plus tax in 1985. Goddamn. New Balance explained the wild cost with talk of premium materials and…Continue Reading “The New Balance M1300CP still breaks the bank.”

New balance

If you’re not into this kind of thing, you’ll have almost certainly have turned away in revulsion or put a little sick looking Emoji beneath it on Instagram, or just written it off as “trash.” Shoe conservatives are the worst. We’re not saying that the New Balance M890 is a good looking shoe, but we love the insanity of the colourways that NB have applied to it. Endorsed by the kind of people that a lot of real runners respect like Reid Coolsaet, Andy Baddeley…Continue Reading “New Balance M890LON3 & M890TG3: Performance Lunacy”


Looking at hip-hop sleeves from 26 years ago you’d assume that everybody dressed amazingly back then. But you’d be wrong — most gear was atrocious: acid washes, stonewashes, pastels, neons and flecked fabric aplenty. What’s odd, is that among the terrible attire from the feet up, it was a golden age for sports footwear. Sure, most people choked those shoes or beat them up, but the shoes from every key brand were generally on point. The Nike Air Trainer 1 is a perfect example of…Continue Reading “The Nike Air Trainer 1 ‘Draft Day’ QS makes a Mid go high-end.”

New Balance

There’s a lot of New Balance collaborations out there, but the real draw to the brand is the past performance purity it carries. When we’ve done work with them, we’ve generally stuck to a formula that displays a certain conservatism. We just want to be able to throw on some 576s, 577s or 1500s with any outfit and tried to intelligently create some no-brainers, because we’re of the opinion that you should leave the silly stuff to the other brands. Some recent collaborations have left…Continue Reading “The New Balance & United Arrows’ M1500 makes beige appealing.”

mita sneakers are incredibly prolific when it comes to collaborations. Not content with being OG New Balance partners in some memorable MT580 makeups, the minds behind the mita stores have made powermoves with adidas and Nike over the years too. The Reebok Pump Fury is a ludicrous looking shoe and we still can’t get over the fact that the same man that designed it is behind the adidas Artillery, plus the NB 574, 1500 and 998, but it’s still a masterpiece. We’ve found (as is…Continue Reading “REEBOK & MITA SNEAKERS PUMP FURY: CABLE KNIT & INSTAPUMP”