In 2013, if you see a queue outside a shop and someone says that it’s for an ASICS, you don’t fall back in surprise. In fact you almost expect it. In this era where Patta, Ronnie Fieg and a whole host of other collaborators are partnering to give late 1980s and early 1990s technical running a push like never before, we recently wandered into a store to pick up some Jordans and were told that sizes were still available because kids went straight to the…Continue Reading “ASICS Gel Saga IIs with extra neon for spring 2013”

Air Max

It’s all Nike Air Max everything right now. To tell you the truth, we’re not huge fans of Engineered Mesh versions of our favourite shoes and when they’re in the original colours, it draws unfavourable comparisons and reminds us that hardbody footwear of that calibre isn’t dropping like it used to do. We felt the same with most of the Hyperfuse remixes too. There’s no way to make an Air Max 95 better (bar making the air unit PSI again), so any tweak, be it…Continue Reading “The Nike Sportswear Air Max EM line goes all city”

Air Max

Nothing screams US Track and Field like remixed Nike Air Maxes. Alright, it doesn’t, but the whole Nike USATF project has been one of the best Nike Sportswear apparel lines to date. We liked that stuff before blogs went all wild for the sweatshirt because Kanye wore it, but the new apparel is equally powerful. Track and field isn’t generally something we associate with strong, punchy looks or style — in fact, the first things that come to mind are urine tests and Carl Lewis’…Continue Reading “USATF Nike Sportswear makes the Air Max go military”


We sometimes wonder whether the Nike Roshe Run was the sleeper we thought it was. Creeping into the Nike Sportwear line without a single press release, the deconstructed, sock-like fit and faint aura of tech about it, as Lunarlon and Free soles started to walk the once-retro saturated streets, seemed to capture the spirit of the times. Zen meets zeitgeist. The jaded dude who hates everything could bust out a pair, the Air Max 1 brigade could bring it into a streetcar wardrobe and those…Continue Reading “Nike Sportswear Roshe Run Quickstrikes mix neon with zen”


We know everybody’s losing their minds over Nike Air Max 1s right now but the Air Max 90 is still the shoe that solidified Air Max in this country. The key to its shoe is its legitimacy — no other running shoe seemed to get the features this one did. Remember Silver Bullet and his boys at the Lloyds Building through Normski’s lens or that seminal 1991 feature about Chipie in ‘The Face’? Actually, if you’re under the age of 30, you probably don’t, but…Continue Reading “Nike Air Max 90 goes OG again with the Laser Blues”


Nobody can accuse Saucony and Bodega of laziness with their Elite project. Not only have they put out multiple collections of the last few years, but each shoe seems to have had a lot of thought put into it. Some are clean and some are a controlled mess, but we always know who’s behind the shoes — even from a distance. The whole Elite squad have been given some serious freedom to mix and match on midsoles too, resulting in some tasteful hybrids that look…Continue Reading “Saucony & Bodega’s Elite squad is back.”


Nike Air Max 1 madness is officially upon us. Remember when TK Maxx had a ton of the OG colourway sitting on their shelves for £29.99-39.99 a pop? It feels like such a bygone age that those memories may as well be in black and white. Now a new generation is going insane for a silhouette that’s probably older than they are. And to anyone moaning about the shape these days, its been like that for a minute. It’s as if somebody’s retroed 2006’s moans…Continue Reading “Nike Sportswear Air Max 1s in Sail/Bright Mango for the ladies”


For about 5 seconds we thought these were going to be Italian-made to complement Nike Sportswear’s Italian-made apparel. They’re not, but we’re pretty impressed nonetheless. Playing Dr. Frankenstein with some old favourites and new styles can go wrong, but these pieces of the new-wave of NSW footwear that falls under the White Label banner are not bad at all. We’re in no doubt that the Inneva Woven’s going to eclipse the Lunar Solstice Mid SP when they drop at the end of this week, but…Continue Reading “NSW’s Lunar Solstice Mid SP gets the blues”


The Nike Free Woven has arrived at an odd time. Just as the Inneva Woven reappears, with its 5.0 sole and carefully interlocked strips on the upper, this enters the fray too. We’re students of the Air Woven and we still believe that it’s a shoe that’s responsible for spawning a certain strain of collector culture that’s still out there today (even though it mutated like Tetsuo in ‘Akira’ and went wildly out of control). With Mike Aveni, Mike Friton and Tinker Hatfield in the…Continue Reading “More Nike Wovens with a Free sole”


We won’t lie to you — when we first spotted the Sneaker Freaker CM998SNF makeup, we were excited. Then we heard that they were China-made New Balances, our excitement faded a little. After all, that’s the puffy toe capital of NB lifestyle releases and we associate the New Balance with a refined, premium, Maine-made form. We have a certain expectation when it comes to the 1993 classic. Then we handled a pair and had to shut up. Why? Because Woody and the crew were obviously…Continue Reading “Sneaker Freaker’s New Balance CM998SNF: endangered species inspired hype”