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Plus top Music, Fashion and Editorial content including an insight into DJ trio “Disciples” ahead of their performance at Virgin’s V Festival this coming weekend as well as a look at the awesome new fall/winter collection which is causing quite the stir in the streetwear scene.

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mita sneakers are incredibly prolific when it comes to collaborations. Not content with being OG New Balance partners in some memorable MT580 makeups, the minds behind the mita stores have made powermoves with adidas and Nike over the years too. The Reebok Pump Fury is a ludicrous looking shoe and we still can’t get over the fact that the same man that designed it is behind the adidas Artillery, plus the NB 574, 1500 and 998, but it’s still a masterpiece. We’ve found (as is…Continue Reading “REEBOK & MITA SNEAKERS PUMP FURY: CABLE KNIT & INSTAPUMP”


We had a deja vu moment when we first saw these Saucony Shadow 5000s. We’d seen most of these colours four years ago and assumed that they were just a tribute to the ALIFE A.R.C. trio of Shadow 6000s from 2008 (those things were incredible), with their Air Max 1 style palettes. None of that’s a bad thing though — this model looks fantastic when it’s given the right colour blocking, with the ionic cushioning of this iconic 1989-era runner built into a dual-density sole…Continue Reading “SAUCONY SHADOW 5000: SOME FAMILIAR COLOURWAYS MAKE A COMEBACK”


As (No) Malice once announced, “The boy’s such an author, I should smoke a pipe.” We consider ourselves equally literary and you can go hard with the book references when it comes to making shoe colourways — some of the Grove Press covers from the 1960s are perfect inspiration and we’d like to see some Burroughs and Joyce prose made physical on a shoe upper. These New Balance 997s are playing on their American classic status by using colours from a real American classic —…Continue Reading “NEW BALANCE M997HL: FAR FROM PHONY”


This shoe was one of the triumphs of last year’s Nike Pegasus celebrations. We saw a few remixes last year (we still don’t know what that stitched down version was all about) but the Pegasus 83/30 is great — to get a remake right you need to show the right amount of reverence for a shoe, but bring something new too. The Pegasus changed a lot — it created a ride that was hybrid in its cushioning and the originator of the Air Wedge, but…Continue Reading “NIKE SPORTSWEAR PEGASUS 83/30: A REMIX IN TECHNICOLOUR”


Some Air Jordans have been reissued four times or so, while others have been strangely overlooked. As far as many shoe conservatives go, the Air Jordan VI is one of the final acceptable instalments. We don’t follow that mode of thinking, but we were always a little crushed by a lack of Visible Air on the VII (we’re over it now though.) There were always strange oversights that have been amended in recent years — we’d see the same shoes again and again, but classics…Continue Reading “AIR JORDAN VI ‘SPORT BLUE’: BACK FOR THE FIRST TIME”


We’re nearly out of things to say about the nylon mesh version of the Air Jordan Future, but there’s something about this shoe that we’re not quite bored of yet. So we’ll phone in a paragraph.The woven versions trump these more sci-fi looking things, but this one isn’t bad at all. When it’s applied right, 3M makes everything awesome. The success of this shoe indicates that Jordan Brand will be trying to create some more lifestyle spins on the lasts and soles of the other…Continue Reading “AIR JORDAN FUTURE: GREY, VOLT & 3M”


We’re not wheat intolerant when it comes to shoes. In fact we’re more than tolerant — we embrace shoes that look like Timbs with open arms. Things definitely done changed — a short while ago, we would have spotted this shoe and staked it out until it hit the sales. Now, it’s a hype. Nobody cared about the Air Force 1 Mid — we Euro heads might have an affinity because after its 1994-era introduction, they seemed to be one of the few Uptown silhouettes…Continue Reading “AIR FORCE 1 MID QS ‘FLAX’: WHEAT EQUALS HEAT”


We’re still not sure about Lunar Forces They make us do the Marge Simpson murmur because it reminds us that we’re stuck in one big referential loop where technology is just a tweak of someone else’s masterpiece. On the positive side, they’re bloody comfy compared to the moonboot, Timbo-like feel of the sneaker world stomp of the original AF1 (have you tried to wear some of the early 2000s lately? Not the greatest fit). It has undeniably been a pretty good year for this model —…Continue Reading “NIKE LUNAR FORCE 1 JACQUARD QS: THE UPTOWN GETS AUDACIOUS”


In 23 years, the Air Jordan Vi has been released four times in its black and infrared OG 1991 palette, alongside numerous homages that trade the red for something else. It’s just long enough between gaps to send us into panic buy mode. There’s good reason for that too — this model is a perfect shoe, with just the right balance of insanity and accessibility from the mind of Tinker Hatfield. With its Porsche-style spoiler and an answer to Michael Jordan’s demand’s for a plain…Continue Reading “AIR JORDAN VI BLACK/INFRARED: SOME MORE REFLECTION”